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Brazil Meats Connects with accredited producers and worldwide food trading specialist of food products. 

As a full service food production and trading company we distribute products to over 100 countries around the globe.

The majority of our product portfolio consists of frozen and long-shelf-life food including Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish, French fries, Vegetables, and Dairy. All our products can be exported CIF to ports worldwide.
Our products meet the highest quality standards for food service as well as retail.


All our poultry products are sold from SIF approved slaughter plants. A full range of high-quality frozen poultry cuts from Chicken, Hen and Turkey including a wide range of offals and fresh table brown/white eggs. All products are processed in SIF approved plants.

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We offer a range of meat products from various approved brands. Under these brands, we offer a wide range of frozen Beef, Pork, Buffalo, Lamb and Mutton products. It meets the highest quality standards required for foodservice as well as retail. We can ensure strictly controlled Halal certification on the majority of our meat products, as per your requirements.

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Other Products we offer include :

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