Chicken Leg Quarters

Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters with or without skin Grade: A
Origin: Brazil
Freezing process: IQF or BQF
Packaging: 12kg and/or 15kg Master Carton
Certification: HACCP, Halal, ISO
Delivery: From full container load 40FCL ≈ 27Metric Tons +/- 2%
Various Brands Available from Certified SIF Plants

Wholesale Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters On Sale

Import, Export and Trading of frozen halal chicken leg quarters

Are you interested in our delicious chicken leg quarters on sale? As long-standing players in the global food trading market, we are specialized in the supply of high quality, poultry meat products originating from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Only at Brazil Meats.

As an international supplier of chicken leg quarters, we take care of the export and import all over the world in major customer regions. Our products and services being supplied in the following food sectors:

  • industry
  • wholesale suppliers
  • foodservice distributors
  • retail

Standard packaging in 12kg and/or 15kg Export Cartons and can be tailored for wholesale and retail purposes in order to meet buyers requirements. Many of our chicken meat cuts and chicken products are available with strictly controlled Halal certification.

General Product Appearance: Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters
100% fresh and frozen
No yellow skin
No feathers
No black pads or ammonia burns
No blood
No bruise
No chemical burns
No bad smell
No black spots
No excess water
No broken bones
Outer hard nail removed
Ice content lest than 0.3%
Moisture less than 3%

Top Tips for Buying Affordable Chicken Leg Quarters On Sale


If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy a delicious meal made with high-quality chicken leg quarters, this blog post is for you! We’ll show you how to find the best deals of our chicken leg quarters on sale so you can stock your fridge and save money while still enjoying a tasty home-cooked meal. Through careful research, comparison shopping, and the right storage techniques, you can get more bang for your buck when buying our chicken leg quarters on sale.

What are chicken leg quarters?


Are you looking for an inexpensive and flavorful dining option? Look no further than chicken leg quarters! This cost-effective cut of poultry can offer a delicious, versatile meal that is sure to please everyone in your family In this comprehensive guide, we’ll help you understand what chicken leg quarters are, provide tips on buying the best quality cuts of meat, as well as discuss how to prepare them for optimal taste and nutrition

Keep reading to learn more about these tasty parts of poultry! First things first What exactly are chicken leg quarters? Leg quarters typically consist of the thigh attached to part of the drumstick depending on where it was cut from the bird.

They are a great source protein and make for a budget friendly meal due to their low cost per pound compared to other types of poultry like breasts or wings.

Furthermore they also contain essential vitamins such as B and A which both play important roles in maintaining healthy bones and skin health When it comes time to purchase your next batch of our chicken leg quarters on sale be sure choose wisely by keeping several key factors in mind; freshness being one them most important considerations while shopping around.

Prioritize purchasing organic meats whenever possible since they usually contain fewer hormones or additives which can be harmful when ingested over prolonged periods if time​ Additionally look out for any excessive discoloration or slimy deposits forming near seams; those would indicate that product is past its prime date proving necessary precautions have not been taken during storage process prior purchase.

An often overlooked factor when making educated decisions about food purchases involves checking country origin labels printed onto packages since some locations may use food growth practices deemed illegal by FDA standards here America proven unsafe consumption leading health concerns down road.

Doing little research ahead can go long way saving money headaches come times serving meals friends family Finally preparation method used will largely dictate flavor nutritional content dish serves so knowing ins outs cooking processes become vital too selecting perfect set legs provide desired outcome evening dinner table.

Grilling remains popular choice among home chefs allowing juices fat drip away preserving delicate texture natural flavors nooks crannies adding delectable smokiness end result searing quickly hot pan broiling oven simple yet satisfactory options providing results similar grilling technique just without smokey goodness associated with classic setup ones garnering carnivore love favor whole kitchen alike!

In conclusion, buying affordable our very affordable chicken leg quarters on sale is a great way to save money while still enjoying a high-quality product. By following these seven tips and doing extensive research, you can be sure to find the best deals and products for your needs.

So for those wondering and asking themselves the questions Where to buy Chicken leg quarters in bulk? or Chicken leg quarters near me?, Brazil meats is the answer. We offer our products at very affordable rates and our delivery fee is cheap too.


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